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Galinha cabidela cortada 1.060 kg – (free range chicken cutted)

Cabidela (Portuguese pronunciation: [kɐβiˈðɛlɐ]) or arroz de cabidela (cabidela rice) is a Portuguese dish made with poultry or rabbit cooked in its own blood added to water and a bit of vinegar. The blood is captured when the animal is slaughtered. The rice is cooked together with the meat or separately. The blood imparts a brown color to the dish.


Variations on the dish is also popular in many of Portugal’s former colonies. In Macau, a similar dish made with duck (pato de cabidela or pato à cabidela) is one of the most famous dishes in Macanese cuisine.

In Brazil, this dish is made exclusively with chicken (thus being called galinha à cabidela or galinha de cabidela), and is considered a typical dish of the city of Recife. It’s also very common and a typical dish in the state of Minas Gerais where it receives the name galinha ao molho pardo. It is also common to cook only the chicken’s blood, with vinegar and vegetables, until it becomes a sauce that can be added to rice or to the cooked chicken itself.

In Indiapork cabidela is popular among the Goan Catholic community of Goa.

The chicken version is one of the most common dishes served on special occasions or in restaurants in Angola.


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